Introduction: Navigating Your Adviser Home

Your Adviser Home is a customisable page where you can organise all your information in neat categories.

Each category on the Adviser Home e.g. File Notes Category, are called "Widgets" and display a certain aspect of information from AdviserLogic.

You can click and drag each widget and re-position it anywhere on the page.



You are able to customise the number and type of widgets that appear on this screen by going to "Customise Adviser Home":

You are also able to customise how the widgets look on your adviser home by selecting the boxes on the top right of each widget. You can:

  • Expand to full screen 
  • Remove information from widget
  • Double the size of the widget

Note: Using these three boxes to change how the widgets look is only temporary. Once you refresh adviser home, it will revert to its previous settings.

An example of the widget in full screen mode:

You can export the contents of any widget to an Excel worksheet by clicking on the appropriate icon on the top right.

You can also reorder the items in a column just clicking on the Header of the column.


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