AdviserLogic License Types

About the Licenses 

AdviserLogic offers six licenses to choose from for your practice:

  1. Comprehensive Adviser
  2. Strategic Adviser
  3. Investment Adviser 
  4. Risk Adviser
  5. Paraplanner 
  6. Support

Each license is tailored towards a particular role, and has different levels of access to AdviserLogic features.

Note: Some Licenses may not be available depending on the individual arrangements made for your accounts with AdviserLogic.

Summary Table

Here is a table showing the breakdown of AdviserLogic features each license has access to:

Note 1: All databases must have a minimum of 1 Adviser Licence in order to function. It is not possible to have a database that has only Support and/or Paraplanner type licences.

Note 2: Paraplanner access is entirely dependent on the types of license held by the person saved as the "Adviser" on a client record. If you possess a Paraplanner license and the Adviser License in your practice is Investment Adviser, then you are able to access RiskLogic and Portfolio sections of AdviserLogic, but not Cash Flow. If you go to another client record where the Adviser holds a Risk Adviser license, you would not be able to access Porfolio for that Client.

Changing your license

If you require additional access to AdviserLogic, you can request an upgrade by emailing us at

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