How to generate a templated document

Generating templated documents, such as a Statement of Advice, can be accomplished via the "Reports" tab on a client's record.

Step One

Open up a client record, and go to the Reports tab.


From the list that appears, select "Templates".

On the next page, you'll first want to select a folder to choose templates from the "" menu. AdviserLogic provides a standard set of templates for all account holders, but you may have access to Dealer Group templates as well. 
Once you've selected the correct folder, next you should select the template you want to use with the "" menu.


Step Two

At this point, you may need to use the Template Wizard. This allows you to customize various fields in your report, as well as include or exclude a number of different paragraphs.


Step Three

You're now ready to generate your document. Do so by clicking "Generate."

After a short delay, your document will be provided as a download in an editable Microsoft Word processing format. You can save it or open it to check the contents and make any further adjustments required.

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