How to manage client relationships

If your client has a relationship with another client that is not covered in our default relationship categories, you can create a custom one to describe the relations between your clients.

Note: This feature requires Administrative access

Step One

Go to Tools → Administrative Tools → Practice Management → Client Relationships



In the Client Relationships window, click on Add and fill in the Relation Name and the Pair Name:

It doesn't matter which entry you put in which field, as when you select a Relationship on a Client record, whoever it links to will simply receive whatever was in the other field. For example, you may set the relation name to 'Uncle' and the pair name to 'Niece'. If you select client John Smith as the uncle (in the "Client Relationships" window) of Jane Smith, then Jane Smith will appear as the niece of John Smith.

Step Two

Go to Fact Finder → Basic Information → Relationships

Select your newly created relationship in this new menu:

In this example:

  • Relation Name = new relation 1
  • Pair Name = new relation 2

From the relationships window, if you define a relationship between two clients, then the pair name will also be automatically defined in the other client's record:

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