How to create and manage tasks outside of a workflow

This article contains similar information to How to add workflows and manage tasks.

Introduction to the Task Window

Select a client and go to Tasks → Add Task

Features of Task Detail (Green) :

  • Status - Your current progress in the task e.g. In Progress, Completed, Dormant, etc.
  • Time Spent On Task / Add Task Note - Record the minutes spent on the task and the actions you took to complete the task
  • Related To - Select a client or super fund that the task relates to
  • Task Type - Select from a list of categories or create your own to better sort through your task list
  • Waiting On - Specifies who you are currently expecting to complete the current step in the task


Subheadings in Task Details (Red):

  • Task Details - Where you enter in the key details of your task
  • Task Notes - Where you enter the minutes you spent and update yourself or others on what you have done by writing task notes. You can update the task immediately by clicking Export Updates on the bottom left
  • Documents - Upload and files relating to your task
  • Alerts - For any action, you take regarding the task, you can update certain people whenever something is changed.
      • For example, when you modify the status of the task to "Complete" you can notify your assigner via Email or Internal Notification that you have completed your designated task.
      • The activity log also displays the details of how and when a certain alert is triggered.
      • You can also export all occurrences of alerts to a word document by clicking on the Full Activity Log


Features at the bottom of Task Details window (Yellow):

  • Link To Recommendation - link your task to a specific application 
  • Recurrence Setting - if the task needs to be completed at regular intervals, you can manage the recurrence of the task through this feature.

Recurrence Setting in Detail

Frequency: Monthly

  • Recur on Day: set this to the day of the month when the task is due
  • Every: set this according to the frequency of the task


Frequency: Weekly

  • Recur Every: set this to how many times the task recurs per week
  • On a: set this to the day of the week you want the task to occur on


For both Weekly and Monthly

  • Task Due In: this sets how long the period is between the "Start Date" (when the task restarts itself) and the "Due Date". This is in days (not workdays, so it counts weekends).
  • The task will Recur: Set this as high as you like. If you want the task to run on forever until you tell it to stop, select a value you're unlikely to reach e.g. 100
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