How to track your emails

Once you have stepped through How to use the emailing system, you can track and view details on all the emails that you have sent.

Go to the emails section via the toolbar:

Click on History on the top right of the window.


Some useful fields that you can modify:

  • Search List- You can search for email titles, content, recipients, email subjects, and attachments
  • Recipient - Cut down search time by looking for specific recipients
  • Date Sent - Modify the period in which you last sent the mail. You can go as far back as you like 
  • Sender - Select from a list of senders 
  • No. of Results - If you are bulk emailing, setting the number of results to maximum (1000) makes sure that you return as many emails as you can in your date range


You can create the groups as well to send the emails for a particular group of clients using "Group Management"


You can also track how many of your emails were:

  • Opened
  • Not-Opened
  • Clicked
  • Bounced
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