How to create Database Segments

Step One

Go to the the Database Segmenter via the tool bar:

You will see a lot of categories on the left side of the screen. These are pre-made segments that can be used:

If you want to create a new segment, click on "Add" in the top right of the left screen. Make sure to verify the data that you wish to retrieve.

Step Two

Enter the name of the segment, and description of the segment you wish to create using the fields on the bottom left of the screen:

Select the fields you wish to display by using the tags within the "Fields to Display" column. A reference list for the fields and where the information comes from is located here.

Step Three

Click Save and re-select the segment within the list, you will note that a new hyperlink has appeared Define Filters, clicking this hyperlink will display a new section to refine the data being returned by the segment.


  1. The first drop down selects the Table while the second selects the field from the table, the third drop down selects the relational operator you wish to use (>=, ==, !=) 

  2. Value field takes the condition to check for
  3. Logical Operator field is used to enable multiple filters to act in concert, eg. if you need to test for two categories of clients you can use the OR operator to put both filters in place and force the segment to return records that match either of those conditions.
  4. Begin Filter Group & Close Filter Group defines the priority of the fields you have selected. Selecting filter group 1 inserts one bracket while selecting filter group 2 inserts two brackets.

  5. Hide inactive clients checkbox - ticking this will force segment to not return data for clients that are set to inactive within Fact Finder -> Basic Information -> Status
  6. Only Personal Entities - ticking this forces the database segmentation tool to only return the client and partner entities
  7. Sometimes filters can conflict, remember the following Result of check = True = 1 Result of Check = False = 0
    AND Truth table (Both conditions must be true to be accepted)
    0 AND 0 = 0
    1 AND 0 = 0
    0 AND 1 = 0
    1 AND 1 = 1

    OR Truth Table(Only one condition must be true to be accepted)
    0 OR 0 = 0
    1 OR 0 = 1
    0 OR 1 = 1
    1 OR 1 = 1

Preview will open the segment in browser, and will allow you to filter and then save the data as Word Doc, PDF, or Spreadsheet.

The Download button will export the result as an excel sheet

The Shared segment checkbox will place the segment into the database segmentation section for other users within the same practice, who are also within the same Adviser group.


The other users cannot modify the shared segment, they can however use the Save As function to save a copy local to their account allow them to edit the Filters on the report.

by Alex Nicholls

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