Basic Chrome Troubleshooting Steps (Try this first!)

Using Google Chrome as your browser

AdviserLogic runs best with Google Chrome. We find that switching over to Chrome will clear up many issues that FireFox may produce.


Disabling Browser Extensions:

Google Chrome 'Extensions' can have a dramatic negative impact on the speed of complex websites such as AdviserLogic. We recommend disabling Extensions to ensure the best AdviserLogic experience.

To do so, locate the Extension Icons - these are found to the right of your browser's URL Bar:

Note: The red box icon above is one example; this is the LastPass Extension icon

Right-Click on any Extension Icon you can see to display the contextual menu, and then select "Manage Extensions":

On the Manage Extensions window, remove the ticks from the 'Enabled' checkboxes:

Once you've removed the checkbox, close the browser and re-open it, and then log back in to AdviserLogic. Often you should find that the site's performance has improved at least a small amount (but often the difference can be quite significant).

Note: It may not be necessary to disable all Extensions. We've noticed that certain Extensions are more likely to cause problems; Anti-Virus related Extensions, and AdBlocker in particular. In the example above, LastPass seems to be completely benign and can be left enabled in most cases.

We recommend switching off one at a time to see which change gains you the largest performance increases.



Clear Chrome's Browsing Data:

Go to the top right of Google Chrome and click on :dotbutton.png

Go to Settings, then scroll down to the bottom and click "Advanced".

Locate the 'Privacy and Security' section, and click on "Clear Browsing Data":clearbrowsing.png


We recommend these settings:



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