How to delete a client's record

Important Note

Client Records in AdviserLogic are never completely deleted. The instructions in this article will cause a client record to be moved to the "Recycle Bin", which can be viewed by Administration Users by going to the Tools section. Client records in the Recycle Bin can be restored at any time.

However, this means that the Client Record remains in existence even if the Delete function is used. AdviserLogic automatically prevents the creation of duplicate client entries (by comparing the First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth), and will check the Recycle Bin when running this comparison.

Therefore, we suggest users instead set unwanted Client Records to "Inactive", or use the Manage Client Merger option in Tools to combine duplicate records.


To Delete a Client record, follow these instructions:

Step One

Open up the client record you wish to delete. 

Step Two

Go to Fact Find > Basic Information


Step Three 

Press delete and follow the pop up instructions.


 As per the Important Note above, our preferred method is to mark the Client Record as Inactive.

To do so, go to Fact Finder > Basic Information.

In the Additional Details section, you'll find the 'Status' field:


Change the Status field to "Hidden" and click 'Save'. This prevents the client record from appearing in Quick Search and other, similar search areas.

You can click here to learn how to locate Inactive Client Records.

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