How to set client access of a User

Important Note: You must have an Admin Tools in order to set/change Client Access.


Step 1: Go to Tools> Admin Tools> Practice Management> Users.



Step 2: Click on ‘Set Client access’ option appears on this screen as below if you want to set or change an Adviser’s client access, otherwise select ‘View Client access’ if you want to view existing client access settings:


Step 3: Once you’ve selected ‘Set Client Access’, a window will appear as shown below. Select an adviser or type his/her name in search field whom to want to set client access for.


Step 4: The following section of ‘Select Client to Map’ will appear so as to select the advisers whom you want their client access for the selected Adviser in the previous section. Select advisers respectively.


Step 4a: Alternatively, you can locate specific clients and tick or untick them to add or remove access for them. 

Be aware that whatever clients are displayed in the list and ticked at the point when the screen is "Saved" are the ones that the selected User will be given access to. We recommend clearing the 'Search' field before saving, just to be sure.

Step 5: Once you have selected advisers from the ‘Select Client to Map’ section, the following section will appear. Click on Fact Finder’s  Read-only or Access option in order to select the other listed modules. Click on Save to save the changes. If you don’t want to save these changes & want to select the sections again, click on Reset & then proceed.


Step 6: The below screen will appear once you’ve saved the client access setting as above. You can also generate an Excel by clicking on ‘Export’ & saving the file on your system.


Replicate Access:

Under this ‘replicate access’, you will be able to give a user, the client access of another user automatically whenever they add a new client in future.

Step 1: Go to Tools> Practice management> Users> Set Client Access. Select ‘Replicate Access’.


Step 2: You can select one user at a time under left side ‘Access Holder Adviser’.

Select a user from ‘Access Holder Adviser’ & respective user or users from ‘Access over Adviser’. Press ‘Save’ thereafter.

The current status of that particular user will be shown once the changes are saved.



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