Notifications in AdviserLogic

Notification Center: A bell icon can be seen on Adviser Home. Here, you would find all the notifications of your actions on AdviserLogic.


Once you hit the bell icon, the below screen appears:


All the notifications of your actions will be shown under this panel. This panel is further divided into different modules. This allows you to see the notifications for specific modules of AdviserLogic. For example, if you click Diary, you will be able to view all the appointment related notifications and so on.

Collapse & Expand: The categories panel will shrink once clicked on "Collapse" & once you click on "Expand", the categories panel will re-appear.



Sort via Categories

  • Important : Click on Star icon available on the bottom left corner of the notification panel. Once this is done, the important notification will appear in the "Important" panel.
  • Diary : Notifications related to Appointments & upcoming events will be shown under this.
  • Datafeed : Notifications related to error in uploading a file for manual datafeed will be shown under this.
  • Template : Notifications regarding generating templates will be shown under this.
  • Banner : All the banner notifications related to global issues, etc will be shown under this.
  • What’s new : Any enhancements made in Adviserlogic will be shown under this.
  • Client Requests : All the requests that come from client login will be shown under this.
  • Client Updates : Notification related to client updates will appear here.
  • Zapier : Notification related to Zapier will appear here.

Archived: Place the mouse cursor at a notification ; you will see an option of ‘Archive’ on the right. Once you click it, the notification will no longer come up under "All" notifications as it will be moved to archive category.

To view the archived notification, toggle the "Archived" button to "Show" and search the notification under the Search Text Box.


Settings: Click on the settings icon as shown below:


  • Select notification to appear: Select the different notification modules that you want to appear under main notification centre panel.


  • Change theme appearance: Select a theme to change appearance & colour of the Notification center.





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