How to use Diary in Adviserlogic

Step One

Open the Diary in your Adviserlogic account.

Below screen will appear


Step 2: For creating an event in your diary.

Double click on the date on which you wish to create an event or appointment and you'll be taken to the screen shown below:


Step 3:

Subject: Add the title of the event.

Description: You can describe the event so that it can help you to remind what this event is all about.

Resources: You can tick the boxes for advisers whom you wish to give access to this event. (these are other users in the adviser groups)

Showtime as: You can select the time from the dropdown to show your availability.

Label: You can add a label to your event which will help to recognize why is the event for. All the labels are shown below:

Client: Add a client for which this event is being created. All your clients would appear once you search for them.

Reminder: You will get a reminder for a particular event as per your comfort level like before 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes and if you don’t want to get any email for the notification you can tick the box for “Do Not Notify”.

Send an invitation to Resources: You can send the invitation to resources that are selected in the Resources section by clicking on the tick mark box of it.

Time: Adjust the time for the event and if it is a full day you can tick the box for a full day.

After filling all the details in the New Event pop up box click on save to save your event and it would appear as shown below:

Step 4:

You can check your appointments on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis simply by selecting Day, Week & Month on Dairy Screen

If you wish to check the events & appointments for present work week then you need to click on Work Week and it would appear like this:


If you wish to have a downloaded document of the diary screen opened by you then you can click on the below option.

Once you click on this option below shown pop will arrive asking about the details then you can click on the format in which you need.

  This option is to select the date in the diary, once you click on this below pop up will arrive to select the date.

In the Diary section if you wish to check the appointments and events of other resources (which are the other Users in your Adviser Group) then you can select the same from the Select Resources dropdown button as shown below.

Note that the Resources list can only be added to by adding another User Account. You can contact to do this.

You can also change the day, week and month of the diary simply by clicking on the Right and Left arrow in the diary section if Day, week and month is selected respectively.


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