Group Management

Group Management feature of AdviserLogic is for sending a single email to a group of people.


Go to the emails section via the blue menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen:



Click on the “Group Management” button to the right-hand side of the email screen.

You'll be taken to the screen shown below:



Select all the clients you want in the group by clicking on the tick box under the unselected clients.

Selected clients would appear to the right side of the screen under Selected Clients. (If you want to select all the clients one by one then you need to click on the first checkbox right under the Unselected Clients and to the left of Client Name. It will select all the clients and will show all the clients under Selected Clients)

You can apply filters to search all the clients whom you wish to find out from a long list of clients

There are two types of filters

1) General Filters in which you can find filters for Adviser, Age, Occupation, Gender, Health, Marital status, etc.

2) Financial Filters like Assets, Expense, Income, Insurance Policies, Superannuation funds, etc.


Click on save group and a pop-up will arise to ask you the name of the group. Click on OK and your group will save.

Duplicate Group with a different name:

In Group management section, once you will select any group from the search group drop down for which you wish to create a duplicate group with a different name. You can click on Save As button at the bottom of the screen:

Once you will click on Save As Group, a pop will box will ask you the name of the group.

Type the new name of the group and click on OK to save the same.

Delete Group:

If you wish to delete the group, simply select the group and click on the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you will click on Delete you will get a pop-up box to confirm the same, once you will click on Yes. Your group will be deleted.

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