APL Setup

In order to proceed with APL Setup, you must have Administration Tools access.


Step 1: Go to Tools> Product Setup > APL Setup.



Step 2:

Managed Funds and Australian Shares can be included in your APL. You can use the tabs at the top to switch between for each type.


Normal Search: It works as a quick search. You can enter information about the Investment you need and results will appear in the main window.



Advanced Search: If you click on the arrow on the right side of the Search field, you will bring up the Advanced Search interface.

This allows you to refine your search by adding extra filters and conditions.

Click on Search to get desired results. Once you’ve entered the respective details, you will get available results as shown below.




Step 3: From the options listed, you can select items by ticking the box next to them. After doing so, you can set the 'Status', Rating Houses,and Fund Type, by using the 'Set Status option:


 When you have selected the necessary options, click "Done" to store your changes.


Rating House:

You can set up Rating House options via Tools> Practice Management> Categories> Rating Houses.


Select “Rating Houses”. Enter a name in Rating House Category & then Save.


Save the categories that you’ve entered.


The 'Fund Type' option can be set up using a similar process, by selecting the 'Fund Types' option from the Tools > Categories list.


Additional Information 

The 'Export' feature allows you to export a spreadsheet of information. It will include any 'selected' entry from the current screen. Simply tick the box next to the items to include:


The selected details will be downloaded in an excel file on your system. Click ‘Save’ here.


Using the Search and Filter by Status options, you can retrieve a list containing your current APL by using the Export feature.


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