How to setup security in AdviserLogic


Step 1: Log into your AdviserLogic account. Click on Profile (top-right corner) as shown below:




Step 2: Go to ‘Security Setup’. You can either select both - Two-step Authentication and Google Authenticator or any one of these two. Click ‘Save’ once you’ve selected.

Note:  For the purpose of this demo, I've activated "Google Authenticator" toggle only .



You can either use your registered email id or mobile number for the authentication process.


Step 3: Select ‘Android/IOS’ respectively. Enter your AdviserLogic password in getting Authorization field & click ‘OK’.




Step 4: Before performing this step, you should have Google Authenticator app installed in your phone device. Google Authenticator is an application that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password.

Since I selected only Google Authenticator at Step 2, now the next step is to Scan the barcode with Google Authenticator app from your device and enter the 6 digit code.


You can chose to tick or untick "Remember me on this device" option." If you choose to tick, then no password would be required while logging into your account post registration with Google Authenticator. For security purposes, we'd suggest you to keep this unticked.

Click ‘Register’.

Note: Please do not scan this barcode as this is for demo purpose only. A unique barcode will be generated for your account once you register on Google Authenticator.

As soon as you are registered, you'll see the below highlighted notification in your profile.



The next time you log in, it will ask you for Google Authentication code. Enter authentication code generated by Google Authenticator application and get verified.

Note: For security purposes, we'd suggest you to keep the "Don't ask for codes again on this computer" unticked.



Important Point of Consideration

The 'Two Step Authentication' switch at the top of the security setup screen triggers when someone attempts to reset the password on your account - it will email a code to you which needs to be entered for the password reset to proceed. It will not trigger on each login attempt and is not designed to do so.
It's less commonly used than the Google option - most people who are looking to enable extra security features just turn on the Google option immediately. However, we provide both options anyway.


Points to note:

  • If you don’t want two-step verification features, you can disable it from Adviser Profile.
  • Two-step verification with email/phone will be fired in case your IP/network has been changed.


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