Import Email - Upload document in Document Vault (@D Function)


Step 1

Go to your Email: e.g Outlook or Gmail.

Step 2 

Enter your Import Email address in "TO" section. You can also enter your import email address in "CC" section if you are sending the document to your clientm and also wish to upload the attachments in the Document vault section of the same client.

Step 3

The subject should start with @D to convert your import email to Document vault file.

Step 4 

Attach the file you want to store:

 Hit 'Send'


Go to AdviserLogic and open the Import Email area:

Your import email section will show your document vault item as below:

Note the "Type: DocVault" in the third column.

You can select the category of your document as needed:

Once you've had a copy of your email sent to your AdviserMail, AdviserLogic will attempt to automatically save your document to a related client's Document Vault section, by detecting the email addresses present and making a 'best guess' match.

If you wish to change the automatic guess match then you can change the name in "Client Related To". (If no such match is available, Client Related To will be empty)

In either case:

  • Ensure the "Client Related To" box has the right client name in it
  • Make sure the "Confirm" tickbox is checked only for the items you wish to Save
  • Press "Confirm and Create All"

You can also use the subject as @D_Text_ADLID. (Example: @D_SOA Scan_ ADL4232415).

ADLID will be your client unique id, which can be found from client search section of Adviser Logic. 

If an email from which you are sending email to import section is not added in client contact details then, in this case, ADLID will help you out to automatically create doc vault. That is import email will pick Client Related To from ADLID. 

Your document would appear in the document vault section of your client & Visibility of the doc vault created from import section will be Just Us


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