How to generate the Affinia SoA template

Generating templated documents, such as a Statement of Advice, can be accomplished via the "Reports" tab on a client's record.

It is important to ensure that you have completed your data entry prior to working on the template, otherwise information will not fully populate within the document.

Ensure that you have completed the clients fact finder information, including existing assets, liabilities and insurances.  Then make sure that you have entered all of your recommendations, saving each of the relevant screens along the way.

Once this has been completed, you can move into generating the templated document.

General Notes

It is important to note the following information around the Affinia SoA template:

Risk Only – if you check this option at the top of the wizard, you are choosing to only insert wording that pertains to Insurance only, outside of superannuation.  If you are recommending insurance within superannuation, then this is not a Risk Only SoA and this check box should not be selected.

Cashflow – Because not all AdviserLogic users elect to have access to our Cashflow tool, we are unable to code into the document any information that is completed with Cashflow.  You will see some instructional text within the document if you have chosen strategy options that should have cashflow projections undertaken.  If you see these instructions, please ensure that you export the relevant reports from AdviserLogic -> Cashflow.  Please refer to the training on Cashflow if you are unsure on how to do this.

Wizard – Within the wizard there is a variety of options and ways to select them.  In some instances it will be a simple drop down menu where you choose one option or another.  Some others have selection drop down options which allow you to choose single or multiple options depending on the strategy that you are recommending for that client and/or partner.  Some fields are free format, others are looking for a date (these ones have three dots underneath them allowing you to click on the date rather than manually entering it in).

 Step One

Open up a client record, and go to the Reports tab and click on “Templates”

On the next window, you'll first want to select a folder to choose the template from.  In the case of the Affinia SoA you will need to choose the folder called “Affinia SoA”.

Once you've selected the correct folder, you should select the template you want to use with the "Template Name" menu.  This should be “Statement of Advice” (choosing the most recent one each time).

Step Two

At this point, you will need to use the Template Wizard. This allows you to customise various fields in your report, as well as include or exclude a number of different sections.  As you make choices throughout the Template Wizard, additional fields will appear as required. 

One example is where you select Strategies -> Strategy Topics -> Superannuation; you will see further wizard options around the specific superannuation strategies (non-concessional contributions, spouse contributions, salary sacrifice and so on).  Further wizards will appear based on the chosen strategy/s. 

If you select non-concessional contributions, you will then decide on lump sum and/or ongoing as appropriate for this client or partner.

This process is continued until all relevant wizard options have been completed.

For further support on how to navigate through the wizard, please go to our training video:

Step Three

At the bottom of the template wizard you will see a button that says “Save Template Wizard”.  Once you have clicked that, you're ready to generate your document. Do so by clicking "Generate” near the bottom of the page.

After a short delay (depending on your internet speed), your document will be provided as a download in an editable Microsoft Word processing format. You should open the document and commence editing as required.

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